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My Expertise

Before you retired, you may have had trusted advisors and consultants whose advice you sought. Just as you sought this advice in challenging situations, I can support you as you face emotional and lifestyle challenges in this phase of your life. I provide advice and support with the following thematic focus:

  •  Autonomy and daily routine in one´s senior years

  • Biography and reflection as a means of legacy for children and grandchildren, or as a precautionary measure for potential nursing care or Dementia

  • Strengthening mental resilience to lighten the concerns and challenges of aging

With a focus on maintaining your quality of life, I attend to your needs in the long term, with respect for your experiences, interests, and achievements.

During our first consultation, in your home or preferred location, we can discuss your wishes and concerns. Together, we will establish a detailed action plan with your personal goals, and your preferences for contact form and frequency.

My fees are tailored to your unique circumstances and requirements. I can prepare a service and fee proposal at your convenience.


adress Switzerland:
Freiherrenstrasse 9
CH- 8805 Richterswil, Telefon 0041 79 613 6091

adress Germany: Scheffelstrasse 27
D- 70193 Stuttgart, Telefon 0049 173 4347317